REOA Corporation is a privately owned company head quartered in Fremond, California - USA. We seek to create an environment that enables our associates to invest in communities and achieve their business objectives. We generate this environment by engineering innovative and cost effective business solutions by utilizing our experience and knowledge to bring growth oriented business opportunities for our clients and associates.


We are an established player in the California State as a franchisor of the Real Estate, Mortgage, Developer and Property Management broker offices. Similarly we have experienced and well trained professionals handling Banking Loans and Merger & Acquisitions. Our Trading group has established a long history of successful collaborations between Suppliers and Buyers. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality in services possible. Our main business groups are:

  • Real Estate
  • Banking
  • Trading

Reao Corp is actively increasing its presence and market share in the U.S. and globally, with international operations in over 8 countries encompassing Europe, Latin America, The Middle East and Asia. Contact us to learn more about bringing the most recognized brand name in Real Estate, Loan consulting and Trading expansion to your network.